Together We Can Face the Challenges of Today

With the many challenges we face today, many people feel overwhelmed and ask themselves, "What can one person do?"  While external action is certainly a way of creating change for a better future, an internal shift can also be necessary and powerful.  Chanting for world peace can bring about an internal shift.  Saints throughout the ages have said that peace begins within oneself.  The peace that we embody through intention and chanting creates a more harmonious environment, and sends ripples of peace out into the world.  

A peaceful mind is a powerful agent for change.

The Meaning of the Chant

"Om Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu" is an ancient sanskrit chant, or mantra, which means: "May all beings everywhere be happy."  It is an invocation for the harmony and blessings of all creation.  When we chant this mantra we are praying for the whole of creation—all humans, animals, plants, the earth, and all beings.  

The chant first appeared in India in very ancient times and has evolved into a universal peace prayer used by Hindus, Buddhists, as well as many other traditions and communities.  It has been chanted at the United Nations and Parliament of World Religions, in Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, as well as many yoga and meditation centers throughout the world.  People from all walks of life can chant this mantra, regardless of tradition or background.    

It is believed that the pure intention and sound vibration emanating from the ancient Sanskrit chant itself has potency.  Chanting this prayer helps focus the mind and heart. As the ancient sages knew, and as as science is beginning to rediscover, consciousness has a discernible effect on energy and matter.  Positive intention has an impact on well-being, and one's well-being can have an positive impact on one's environment.  



Origins of "Chanting for World Peace" 

This project came about from the inspiration of Amma, the founder of the humanitarian organization Embracing the World.  Chanting for World Peace began in the summer of 2015 with a few individuals committed to chanting the "Om Lokah" mantra 108 times daily.  They quickly felt the powerful effect of this practice in their personal lives, and wanted to share it with others worldwide.  Some of them had never chanted before and were grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a positive and life-changing experience.  Since that time, many more people from around the world, have joined in the commitment to chant daily for world peace and the well-being of nature.

Recommendations for Chanting 

Chanting can be done anywhere and at any time.  It can be said out loud or silently.  Prayer beads, or malas, are typically used to keep count.  Chanting the "Om Lokah"mantra 108 times takes about 10 minutes.  Sitting comfortably in a quiet atmosphere is helpful.   Chanting is a great way to start and end your day, and can pleasantly and spontaneously spill over and into your everyday life, such as while driving, or taking a shower.  Chanting grows and expands from grace, and the love and joy of the practice itself.  Saints speak of the benefit of having a special time and place set aside for chanting or praying if possible, but not necessary.  Stretching before chanting and sitting straight while chanting can also be beneficial.  Some say a prayer or invocation before chanting, others do not.  Being comfortable is key.   

Visualization is a powerful tool for manifestation, and can be great aide while chanting. Visualization can help us tune in and focus our gifts and abilities of intention and goodwill.  Visualizing "white flowers of peace "cascading all over the planet is a powerful, popular image--flowers of peace slowly falling over rivers, in forests, in cities, and in troubled areas.   Many chanters share they enjoy visualizing white flowers of peace during their chanting practice.   

What Participants Are Sharing

“I was feeling totally overwhelmed and powerless about the state of the world and my place in it. What can we really do to change things? When I heard about this project, right away I felt that these millions of prayers for the happiness of others were going to be a powerful means to create change in the world. Like love soldiers around the globe insisting that “Yes, happiness IS possible - no matter how things look right now - love can win”. I do the mantra in the morning, but also other times as needed. Whenever I feel I cannot change or overcome the suffering I see around me, or within me, I immediately begin the mantra, and my life is really shifting. I feel hope again.
“I had never chanted the “Om Lokah” chant for an extended time before. Once I decided to participate in chanting for world peace, I was so pleasantly surprised at how wonderful and uplifted I felt. It was really tangible. While chanting, I felt a pleasant, expansive feeling in the middle of my chest and began to visualize sending love and peace out to the world. I have been chanting for a few months now and am so grateful to have been invited to chant. I never thought something like this was possible. It takes me only 10 minutes a day to chant “Om Lokah” 108 times. I bought prayer beads to count my chants, and enjoy so much starting my day with such positivity. What a gift to send this energy out and share this with others. May all beings be happy!
“The daily practice of chanting “Om Lokah” began as a simple desire to offer ripples of peace to our much needed planet. Little did I know that I would be the one directly benefiting from this powerful practice. The “Om Lokah” mantra is supercharged and provides a calming, centering effect on my life. The more I chant it, the more potent and nourishing it becomes. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to serve others by chanting “Om Lokah”, and to tap into the powerful frequencies of this mantra.


The Power, History, and Science of Chanting and Mantra.

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